Company Overview

Since ERA BANGUN establishment in 2002 – starting as civil and telecommunication infrastructure construction – the company grows enormously fast. ERA BANGUN gained a high recognition through excellent and successfully projects implementation for number major construction companies. Therefore, ERA BANGUN continues to develop its portfolios through high technology and human resources development in order to meet the satisfaction of the customers.
ERA BANGUN initiates further the independency of Portfolio Management into Holding Scheme – in order to boost the growth and the value of market requirement, resources, competences and financial strength. ERA BANGUN focuses on the areas of: Telecommunication, Civil & Energy, Agribusiness, Property and Mining.

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Telecommunication, Civil & Energy, Agribusiness, Property, Mining

Core Business


EBJ started its business of telecommunication in 2002 as deplorer of telecommunication infrastructure such as BTS tower and fiber optic network. EBJ has built more than 500 BTS Tower nationwide in region such as Java, Sumatra, Kalimantan and Celebes as well as in the Moluccas.

In 2003 EBJ extended its activities with deploying of fiber optic network. Until today EBJ has deployed more than 1000 km nationwide for the telco operators of Indonesia.

Other Business

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