The business convergence of ICT will review and further change the society social-paradigms. We intent to have obligation in enabling the ‘¾ play’ as the infrastructure of the transaction.

EBJ started its business of telecommunication in 2002 as deplorer of telecommunication infrastructure such as BTS tower and fiber optic network. EBJ has built more than 500 BTS Tower nationwide in region such as Java, Sumatra, Kalimantan and Celebes as well as in the Moluccas.

In 2003 EBJ extended its activities with deploying of fiber optic network. Until today EBJ has deployed more than 1000 km nationwide for the telco operators of Indonesia.

EBJ expands its business to be Service Company in fiber optic based network through its subsidiary. In 2016, PT EBTel – subsidiary of EBJ - has been granted by Indonesian Government with the license of Network Provider of Indonesia (Ijin Jartup). Therefore, EBJ develops and operates inner city network in Makassar, Manado and other cities of Indonesia.

In 2017, EBJ furthermore expands its business with establishing business unit of Managed Services that focuses on Operation and Maintenance of BTS Towers and Fiber Optic network. EBJ is in progressing to establish so call Network Operation Centre (NOC) in Jakarta as well as other cities around the archipelago.This, to ensure our commitment of availability of our network as we as our BTS tower.

Our Portfolio :
• Macro Tower
• Micro Tower (BTS Hotel and MCP)
• Collocation
• In Building Solution
• Core Leasing (IRU and annual)
• Bandwidth capacity
• Utilities
• OSP Backbone
• O&M in BTS Tower
• O&M in Fiber Optic Network


EBJ has two tower categories, Greenfield Towers and Rooftop Towers. Greenfield Towers are standalone towers that are located on ground and are usually located in rural areas. Rooftop Towers are towers that are located on rooftops of buildings and are usually used in more urban areas.

Macro Tower

4 Legged Self Supporting Tower

This Four-legged tower has the ability to carry moderate to heavy accessory loads without the use support cables. This tower features angle legs and angle bracing and is appropriate for nearly all communication applications. It is widely used by business firms are bonafide communications and informatics. (Indosat, Telkomsel, Xl, etc).

3 Legged Self Supporting Tower

This Three-legged tower has the ability to carry moderate to heavy accessory loads. Built with tubular legs without the use of supporting cables, this tubular design features improved strength-per-pound ratio. Engineered to meet your height requirements, this tower is appropriate for nearly all communication applications.

Pole Tower

Pole tower is a kind of tower that consists of one stem or one pole anchored to the ground. This tower is usually lower than the tower transmitter type of self supporting tower and designed to derives the lighter load from the kind of transmitter tower self supporting, so this tower will not be able to derives heavy load as the antenna which have dimension and heavy large.

Guy Mast Tower

Guy Mast tower is a tall thin vertical structure that depends on guy lines for stability. This tower has the compressive strength to support its own weight, but does not have the shear strenght to stand unsupported and requires guy lines. Guy lines are diagonal tensioned cables attached to the ground, usually spaced at equal angles about the structure’s base, to resist lateral forces such as wind loads and keep it upright.

Micro Tower

Micro Cell Pole

When land space for tower are getting limited, solution for dense urban area coverage provided by micro cell network.

BTS Hotel

Telecommunication infrastructure service to extend the mobile coverage in the building, such as in shopping centers, apartments, airport as well as Wifi.

Affiliated Company

PT. Era Bangun Jaya

PT. Era Bangun Towerindo

PT. Era Bangun Telecomindo

Civil & Energy

Our major focus on the civil construction as an essential part of the total package of infrastructure project such as power plant, road construction and factory building.

Over the years our company has built a reputation as one of the solid construction companies in Indonesia through state of the art civil-work methodology, skilled human resources and security restrictions. Therefore, ERA BANGUN is well-known as cost and time restrictions company with state of the art deliverables nation-wide in Indonesia.

Our Portfolio :
• Power Plant
• Infrastruture Project :
Road Construction
Railway Construction
Jetty Construction
Bridge Construction
• Factory
• Building Project

Affiliated Company

PT. Era Bangun Jaya

PT. Mandau Jaya Kotrindo


Established in 2005 with 560 Ha land acquisitions in Dumai - Riau area and start to be a plantation palm oil producer. Since then, the company produces more than 2.5 ton per annum of fresh fruit bunches that would be processed into high quality crude palm oil and palm kernel. The company plans to expand the plantation area to other islands of Indonesia such as on Kalimantan Island.

Affiliated Company

PT. Era Bangun Palmindo


Innovation and strategic planning are the modes of work that distinguish our company as a property developer.

And over the years our company has built a reputation as one of the property players in Indonesia. We integrate residential developments with commercial developments that are supported with a wide and complete range of amenities for residents of the townships.

We have developed the expertise across the whole real estate value chain; encompassing development, architecture, engineering, project and construction management, infrastructure and sustainable design technologies.

With an unparalleded combination of knowledge, execution skills, dedicated personnel and commitment to customers and suppliers alike, our company is known for its dependability, expertise and ability to execute and deliver property development projects around North Sumatra area.

With the emergence of green movement, which also permeated into property sector about a decade ago, our company always takes environmental aspects into account in our property projects. We had also implemented the green building principles in its previuos projects.

Affiliated Company

PT. Era Bangun Propertindo


Mining is one of the major aggregate resources of the industrial development in Indonesia in the wave of fast economic growth of Indonesia.

We operate ores production in Solok - West Sumatra since 2008. Therefore, we extend our business activities in other areas, as well as investments in technology and logistics. We assure efficiency and sustainability in our operations.

Affiliated Company

PT. Era Bangun Jaya