With the development of telecommunication technology, EBJ take chances and play a role in the field of telecommunications construction services in infrastructure and Fiber Optic project. Since 2003 EBJ has installed thousand miles of Fiber Optic for all operator in this country. Since 2002 EBJ was participate to build Telecommunication Tower in all region in Java, Sumatra, Borneo, Sulawesi and also Moluccas. Until present we had build 400 towers in Indonesia. Tower BTS (Base Transceiver System) as a means of communication and informatics, in contrast to the tower SUTET (Extra HighVoltage Air Line) PLN in terms of construction, as well as the risk borne by the people under him. BTS tower communications and informatics have a high degree of safety to humans and the creatures living under it, because it has a very small radiation so it is safe for people under and around it.

Macro Tower

4 Legged Self Supporting Tower

This Four-legged tower is very rarely found collapsed, because it has the power of piles and construction are considered. Tower is able to accommodate antenna and radio a lot. Maximum tower height of this type which is recommended is 72 meters. This tower type is widely used by business firms are bonafide communications and informatics. (Indosat, Telkomsel, Xl, etc).

3 Legged Self Supporting Tower

This Three-legged tower has the ability to carry moderate to heavy accessory loads. Built with tubular legs without the use of supporting cables, this tubular design features improved strength-per-pound ratio. Maximum tower height of this type which is recommended is 72 meters. Engineered to meet your height requirements, this tower is appropriate for nearly all communication applications.

Pole Tower

Pole tower is a kind of tower that consists of one stem or one pole anchored to the ground. This tower is usually lower than the tower transmitter type of self supporting tower and designed to derives the lighter load from the kind of transmitter tower self supporting, so this tower will not be able to derives heavy load as the antenna which have dimension and heavy large.

Guy Mast Tower

Guy Mast tower is a tall thin vertical structure that depends on guy lines for stability. This tower has the compressive strength to support its own weight, but does not have the shear strenght to stand unsupported and requires guy lines. Guy lines are diagonal tensioned cables attached to the ground, usually spaced at equal angles about the structure’s base, to resist lateral forces such as wind loads and keep it upright.

Micro Tower

Micro Cell Pole Tower aflkasfnaskfnasl

Since less land space is required for micro cell pole sites, they are generally less capital intensive and require less time to construct compared to macro cell sites, although due to the more extensive insfrastructure provided to tenants at micro cell pole sites, lease fees for micro cell pole are generally higher than lease fees for macro cell sites. EBJ has Micro Cell Pole Tower in all region in Java and Sulawesi.

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The Division combines the focus and skills of civil construction specialists who have vast experience with all types of projects from major roadworks, bpk excavations, bridges, railway infrastructure, dam constructions, remediation works and public domakin works and enjoys a reputation of completing projects on time and within budget, with quality outcomes. The design teams are selected on a project-by-project basis to ensure the optimum skill and experience level to suit each specific project with strategy that includes continuous liasion with the client during the early phases, so the team can develop a clear understanding of each project’s short and long-term objectives. Reed has a list of award winning design and construction completed projects.

EBJ provides complete range of civil constructing services trough all the country with extensive experience in :

A. Power Plant and Factory
B. Infrastruture Project :
Road Construction
Railway Construction
Jetty Construction
Bridge Construction
C. Building Project

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Actual construction is not merely the construction work, but more like a masterpiece that elevates the dignity of human life. Therefore, any residential building or supporting facilities must comply with the terms of the power, security, safety, health, comfort, aesthetic and harmony with the environment. EBJ prefer the best service for customers, according to the wishes of its customers.

The success of fulfilling the terms and expectations, supported by the ability of the application of pre-cast technology and top-down method has been satisfying the developers with of scales, from both goverment and private sector, which has been entrusted the work of building construction to EBJ. Effort in the field of building construction services in Sub-Sector EBJ include Residential Buildings and Building Facilities, supported by The Bureau of Engineering to perform design work or design and build, which is doing the job since the process of planning is to the construction process. Projects that were completed this year include Borneo Government Building. Sub-Sector Residential Building EBJ doing business in the sub-field of residential building construction services, such as : Apartments, Condominimum, Hotel, Flats, Residential Complexes and Shop.

Sub-Sector Building Facilities EBJ also worked with the field of building facilities doing business in the field of building construction services facilities, such as : Hospitals, Airport Passenger Terminal / Station, Educational Facilities, Sports, Offices, shops / malls and other recreational facilities.

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Activities, technology, and business related to the mining industry ranging from prospecting, exploration, evaluation, mining, processing, refining, transport, to marketing.

Mining is a series of activities in the context of the search, mining (quarrying), processing, utilization and sale of minerals (minerals, coal, geothermal, oil and gas).

“The most important factor for us in working with volvo equipment is the machines’ toughness to withstand difficult conditions on the jobsite,” he continues. “Our operators say the machines have a strong performance, they are comfortable to operate and can be used for many hours before overhaul.”

A. Our Mining :

• Iron ore in Padang - West Sumatra starting in 2008.
• With support equipment and expertise.
• End we created a safety management and continuous

B. Environmental Care

Environmental concern is a top priority for EBJ and it continues to improve its method of mining safely without affecting the surrounding environment. This effort has won the mining site several environmental awards over the last few years.

C. Mining Capacity :

• 50.000 Ton per Month
• Mining deposit 10 years
• Mining permission of maintaining site for 700 hectare